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Subic Bay Dive Association

imageWelcome to the Subic Bay Dive Association


A collective formed for the protection of the environment and the fostering of the dive industry, by members of the dive industry, in Subic Bay.

Comprising various members of the Subic Bay Dive Industry – from dive rental outfits, commercial dive facilities, tourist facilities, to local governmental units.


The group is committed to the PROTECTION, PRESERVATION and PROMOTION of Subic Bay.



Improving awareness of the Environment and issues that affect Subic Bay. Assisting law enforcement with their day-to-day activities and its relationship with the local community.


To develop a well-maintained Mooring Buoy System protecting valuable underwater sites such as coral reefs, sea grass beds and historic shipwrecks in Subic Bay. Conducting beach and underwater ‘cleanup’s’ to protect the environment and increase the aesthetic appearance of Subic Bays’ dive spots.

Developing marine rescue training to provide an efficient response for dive related emergencies.


To promote and develop the dive industry of Subic Bay for the benefit of dive operators and the local community.